Introducing Minisodes! #1 MISSING Kiera Bergman (FOUND RIP Kiera. #justiceforkierabergman)

UPDATE: Kiera’s body was found in a remote area west of Phoenix. Our thoughts are with her family. Let’s put someone away for their utter disregard for her precious life.

AZFamily report:


Mini – Sode #1




Kiera Bergman


In the early afternoon of August 4th, 2018, Kiera Bergman disappeared.

Kiera’s family doesn’t know what to believe of the twisted stories by those close to Kiera in Glendale, AZ, where she had only been living for several months. 

Kiera Bergman is 19 years old,

Kiera is biracial, she is 5’3” tall, she weighs about 145 lbs, she had black hair and brown eyes, and in most of her pictures, she is wearing glasses. We don’t know if she had them on when she went missing.

If you know anything about Kiera’s disappearance, please call the Phoenix Police Department’s Missing Persons Unit at 602-534-2121.

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Episode 16 The MURDER of Maria Ridulph

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Maria Ridulph

December 3rd, 1957

Maria birthday

This is the story of the abduction and murder of little Maria Ridulph from her neighborhood street in Sycamore, Illinois.

Who took Maria?


Many people have been suspected, one person was convicted, declared innocent, and is currently in the process of collecting money from anyone associated with the conviction.


Throughout it all, Maria’s family bore the constant turmoil of forces beyond their control. It’s been over 60 years since Maria was taken and killed. Will anyone ever be brought to justice?


How would YOU cope if you were the victim of sexual abuse as a child or if your family member was taken killed and thrown away like garbage?

Body found

What would you need to do in order to go on?

Find out how these folks have found their own ways to survive and live, despite the horrendous tragedies they endured.

Frances Michael Ridulph

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Jack McCullough advocacy website with lots of great info

Jeanne Tessier’s Memoir, The Unspoken Truth

Charles Ridulph, The Impact Upon Secondary Victims

Documentary, Footprints in the Snow (produced after conviction, before certificate of innocence

Series 1 Ep. 3 Cumberland County Murdered, Missing, and Serial Rapists


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This is the third episode in a series about mysterious disappearances, murder, and other crimes along the 1-95 corridor communities of North Carolina. 



Today, we tell the stories of

Pamela Waldher MURDERED

Michelle Bullard MURDERED

Calvin Blackshire MURDERED

Meta Valentine MISSING

Meta last seen on surveillance here

Heather Carter MISSING

police looking for two witnesses pictured here

you will also hear about

two serial rapists in the county who have yet not been caught.

 See the composite sketch of the Ramsey Street rapist here


Discuss or get more info about these cases.

Music: Modum    by: Kai Engel    Album: Caeli

Link to more music by Kai Engel

Check out Kai’s website