Episode 20 The Murder of Teresa Sue Hilt “Tess”



Episode 20

The Murder of Tess Hilt


Stanley and Mildred Hilt were very proud of their only child, and they had every reason to be so.


Tess was a beautiful, intelligent, outgoing achiever. She had finished her Bachelor’s degree in music education, and was just beginning graduate school at Northwest Missouri State University.




Her life was taken from her violently in the early morning hours of August 3rd, 1973, and it remains unresolved to this day. Her murder shattered the lives of the Hilts, and shocked the small college town of Maryville, MO. 


Why would someone brutalize Tess in such a malicious and angry way? The police investigation went off the rails immediately, and it never seemed to get back on.

We take you through the details of the crime, explain the various theories, and bring you up to date on what and who is working to get justice for Tess.


Also visit the advocacy page created by Michael Holmes



We also have a special update on the Calvin Blackshire case from Episode 3 of our I95 series! 


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