MISSING Kristen Ashley Bennett Minisode 2 (RIP Kristen. Perp Arrested)


Update: Kristen’s accused murderer has been arrested. More to follow in an upcoming full length episode.  Our thoughts are with Kristen’s family.

WCTI report: https://wcti12.com/news/local/boyfriend-of-missing-newport-woman-charged-in-disappearance

Mini-Sode #2


Kristen Ashley Bennett

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Kristen Ashley Bennett disappeared at approximately 2 PM, August 14th, 2018 from Newport, NC. That’s in Carteret County.

Kristen is 24 years old, she is 5’3” weighs about 105 lbs. Brown hair and blue eyes.

It is said she was wearing a blue tank top with white stripes, orange long-sleeved top over the tank top, jean shorts, and some black Nikes.

It was reported that she left her residence near the area of Hibbs Rd on foot, and she did have her cell phone however it did not have phone service. She also took her wallet, according to information provided. The person who last saw her was reportedly in some sort of confrontation with Kristen, so we aren’t sure how valid that information is.


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Kristen’s loved ones say that she would never leave without taking her child.

It’s odd that it was reported she left on foot when she owns a car, why wouldn’t she just drive away?

We hope the authorities can get to the bottom of it very soon. Looks like the Carteret County Sheriff’s Office has asked the SBI for help. Good job Carteret County Sheriff’s Office!


On August 23rd, 2018 they performed a search of the Bennett’s home and they took two vehicles off for processing.

They are not naming any suspects right now, and they are not saying it’s a criminal investigation yet. Kristen’s NAMUS case number is 5197.

We do not have an advocacy page to post a link to, but there is a gofundme set up because they would like to be able to hire a private investigator and connect themselves with other resources to maintain public engagement and spread the word.





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