Series 1 Ep. 1 The Dead and Missing of Lumberton, NC

(4/19/18)It’s been one year since the bodies of Rhonda Jones and Kristin Bennett were found in East Lumberton. We have updated our original audio to reflect some small changes and to make a fresh appeal for more public engagement and concern about the deaths of these women. Please share the link, you can find it on IG or FB too. Listen on podbean or youtube. Thank you.

This is the first episode in a series about mysterious disappearances, murder, and other crimes, along the 1-95 corridor communities of North Carolina.

The cases reviewed today only barely skim the surface, and are not even a year old.

Today, we talk about Rhonda Jones, Kristin Bennett, Meagan Oxendine, Cynthia Jacobs, Eric Montreal Evans, and Abby Patterson.

For those of you following these cases, finally we have a picture of Christina Bennett! Looks like the reward has increased! Anyone willing to talk? Call the FBI please, not the Lumberton Police Department.

finally christina bennett

Many thanks to John Allore of  who graciously provided permission to use quotes from one of his excellent episodes. Subscribe to John’s podcast via any major platform, you can find all that info on his website. 

If you have any information about the cases we spoke about today, please contact the

Robeson County Sheriff’s Department at 910-671-3100


the Lumberton Police Department at 910-671-3845

Discuss these cases.

Cynthia Jacobs

Eric Montreal Evans

Abby Patterson

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