Ep. 1 Kimberlee Graves (found deceased)

Update on Kimberlee Graves may be found on Episode 12.

We extend our sincere sympathy to Kimberlee’s loved ones.

From Kim’s obituary:

An account has been set up for Kimberlee’s Children, Ashlyn and Zane. Any donations will be deposited in the Kim Graves Memorial Fund for Ashlyn and Zane. Checks can be mailed to:

Kim Graves Memorial FBO Ashlyn/Zane

C/O EC Waller
15783 Club Rush Ct.
Parker, CO 80134

Please also write checks in the name of the memorial fund so that they may be deposited.


Link to podcast episode of Kimberlee Graves

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Please help the Fort Collins, CO police department find Kimberlee Graves. If you have any information to provide, call 970-416-2825.

Kimberlee Graves

Fort Collins PD press release here.

Map of where Kimberlee’s car was found here.

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