Ep 28 MURDERED Cheryl Baker, Nadja Medley, & Payton Medley



Episode 28

The Murders


Cheryl Baker, Nadja Medley, and Payton Medley

Plus an UPDATE on Paitin Fields #justiceforpaitinfields


Mike Bullinger is wanted for the murders of Cheryl Baker, Nadja Medley, and Nadja’s young daughter, Payton Medley in early June of 2017, He had a two week long head start before the authorities began searching for him.

Bullinger is 61 years old, and when he went on the run, he had gray hair, brown eyes, was six ft one, and about 240 lbs. He likes motorcycles, planes, hunting, guns, horses, and the outdoors. He also likes to lie and cheat. He is a master manipulator, and somewhat of a chameleon, so check out his picture and keep an eye out for him.

There are rewards being offered, and we will place links, images, and other items in our blog entry at our website, caseacquaint.com.

Please share this story so we can keep it in the public consciousness, and hopefully someone will see him skulking around some small mountain town or camping in a remote area. If you see him, contact the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office at 208-454-7531

Some links related to this story:

Cheryl Baker’s memorial slideshow with images of her art, and a very good article about Cheryl.

Article about Nadja and Payton. Payton’s Youtube channel.


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