Series 1 Ep. 4 Edgecombe and Seven Bridges Murders and Missing of the Rocky Mount Area


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Welcome to the fourth episode of our series on the I-95 corridor in North Carolina.

Someone spent years preying on the vulnerable women of East Rocky Mount, NC. After several women were found murdered, and one still missing, authorities finally prosecuted a suspect for one of the murders, that of Tara Nicholson.

The rest of the cases are still open and up to $20,000 in reward money continues to be offered for information leading to the ultimate conviction of the killer of the women of Edgecombe County, many of which were dumped off Seven Bridges Road.

Police are still looking for the killer/s of

Jarniece Hargrove

Roberta Williams

Travis Harrison

Denise Williams

Yolanda Lancaster

Melody Wiggins

Jackie Thorpe

Ernestine Battle

Elizabeth Smallwood

Christine Boone


Also, there are more missing people throughout the region, and we profile a few of those missing people.

Have you seen Joyce Renee Durham?

She has been missing since 2007 from East Rocky Mount. If you have any information regarding her disappearance, please contact the Twin Counties Crimestoppers at 252-977-1111.

Have you seen Jalesa Chantell Reynolds?

She was last seen 2/22/10 in Scotland Neck, NC. 

Have you seen Shonda Stansbury?

She was last seen 12/7/06 in Halifax County NC.

Have you seen Amy Wells Bridgemen?

She has been missing since 6/24/13 from Weldon, NC.

One thought on “Series 1 Ep. 4 Edgecombe and Seven Bridges Murders and Missing of the Rocky Mount Area

  1. I used to drive to PA every October for a major dog show circuit. Traveling up I95, I always stopped for the night in NC. While I don’t remember exactly which town I was close to, it was at least as far as Fayetteville, and probably a little further north. I remember that there was a Cracker Barrel restaurant at the next road, and I think I took something back to the hotel to eat. The hotel was very busy, and the doors opened to the outside. While I was exercising my dogs, two men, one older/one younger, stopped to talk. I shared some details of what I was doing, not thinking that anything I said was overly sharing. The older man did all the talking, and was very easy to converse with. The younger man barely looked at me, and was fixated on the face of the older man. It seems as if, in hindsight, he was waiting for some sort of signal. At the end of our conversation, the older man said something to the effect that I shouldn’t share so much about myself. Like I said, I hadn’t thought that I had done. I was quite tired after driving up from FL all day, and can’t imagine that I was overly chatty. They left me alone after that, but it occurred to me that I had just been in the presence of two serial killers. Because I was traveling with a van full of dogs, I felt that they decided to leave me alone because the dogs would have brought attention to the fact that I wasn’t there to tend to them the next morning. That night, for the first time in traveling with dogs, I brought one into the room with me that night for protection. While I don’t dwell on this situation, when it comes to mind, I’ve often wondered about these two men. It did cross my mind to call local law enforcement that night, but to say what? As best I can recollect, the time frame would have been in the late 1990s, or early 2000s. Off to PA I started the next morning.


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