Ep 12 Dylan Redwine, Find Me Group, UD on Natalie White and Kimberlee Graves


Episode 12

Dylan Redwine

Find Me Group

UDs on

Natalie White


Kimberlee Graves

This episode contains brief updates on Natalie White and Kimberlee Graves before we move on to the main subject, Dylan Redwine and the efforts made to find him.

Dylan Redwine and his father, Mark Redwine, had a strained relationship. What could possibly drive a man to allegedly murder his own son? Is any length too extreme when searching for a missing child? What about a missing adult?  

Special thanks to Kelly Snyder, founder of the Find Me Group. Check them out at findmegroup.org and their partners in the search for Dylan, Arizona Search Track and Rescue at azstar.org

We will be posting a BONUS episode soon with more from Kelly with Find Me Group. In it, he describes new artificial intelligence technology currently in development which will add even more resources for law enforcement and families of the missing and murdered, and he also provides from advice from the perspective of not only a former federal law enforcement agent, but also from that of someone who has spent the last almost two decades concentrating on finding the missing and supporting the desired end result: justice.

Visit caseacquaint.com for more information and links to sites mentioned in this episode!

We are working on uploading all episodes to youtube for your convenience, and we are now on most major podcast platforms. Look for us on your favorite!

Music: Modum    by: Kai Engel    Album: Caeli

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