Episode 17 The Murders Emily Quijano and Gabriel Almiron



Episode 17

The murders of Emily Quijano


Gabriel Almiron

Episode 17 Title

September 8th, 2015 was a normal day in Orem, Utah except for one thing. That was last anyone ever saw or heard from Emily Quijano or her young son, Gabriel Almiron. Emily’s boyfriend, Christopher Poulson told police and anyone else who would listen that he had to kick Emily out because he couldn’t tolerate her use of drugs in their shared apartment. 

That might have been the end of this missing persons story if it had only been Emily who was missing, but cops had a three year old child to find. That all but assured a criminal investigation and the involvement of the FBI. 

This case has not yet been completed. Let us know what you think! Have authorities found their killer? Where are the bodies of Emily and Gabriel?

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From the updates and announcements at the beginning of this episode:

Gofundme page to support Harold and Alberta Leach in finding out what happened to their missing son, Randy: https://www.gofundme.com/in-search-of-randy-leach

Music: Modum    by: Kai Engel    Album: Caeli

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