The Disappearance of Cassandra Gross



Episode 36

The Disappearance


Cassandra Gross


Cassandra Gross was just about to turn 52 years old. She had a supportive family, a dog she adored, friends who enjoyed her company, and was in a position to enjoy life.

But she disappeared not long before a hearing in which she would be required to testify as a witness in an assault case of someone with a very long rap sheet of assaulting others and intimidating witnesses.

What happened to Cassandra Gross and what type of person would want to hurt her?

Below is a map with some of the locations referred to in the episode.

Cassandra Map

Follow this story by checking out the two gofundme pages linked below.

If you may be in an abusive relationship, please seek resources by calling 1-800-199-7233 or visit


If you have any information about this case, please call 724-539-9553 or contact the Pennsylvania State Police at 724-832-3288. If you are in Pennsylvania, call 911.


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