Episode 23 MISSING Donald Cavanaugh and David Neily

Episode 23


Donald Cavanaugh and David Neily


In the mid-2000s, two men suspiciously disappeared right after a local ranch owner becamed angered at each of them. The first, Donald Cavanaugh, disappeared in March of 2005. He was the uncle of the temperamental James Denoyer, on whose 20 acre Californai ranch several horses were languishing, and after securing 14 of Donald’s horses, James decided he no longer had a need for the 63 year old heart patient.

The second man, artist and metal worker David Neily, was introduced to Denoyer by his son, Ryan, who was employed by Denoyer’s construction business. David disappeared in April of 2006 during an investigation of Denoyer for animal cruelty. David’s family reported that Denoyer had threatened Ryan Neily, and had accused 69 year old David of alterting Animal Services to the squalid conditions under which the horses lived and died on Denoyer’s ranch.

The men disappeared after each had told someone they were on their way to the ranch to retreive their items from Denoyer’s property, and there has never been a trace of them seen or heard from since.

Check out our website caseacquaint.com for more information about this case.

Do you know what happened to Donald Cavanaugh and David Neily? Hit us up on social media to discuss (see below), or if you have information to provide for the investigation, visit the advocacy page or facebook page created for David by his daughter. Links: 

http://davidvneily.blogspot.com/ and facebook https://www.facebook.com/MissingPersonDavidNeily/

You can also anonymously call the Mendocino Sheriff’s Office at 707-234-2100

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Photo of emaciated horse credit: Redwings Horse Sanctuary

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