Episode 24 MISSING Akia Shawnta Eggleston & Baby Eggleston

Episode 24

Akia Shawnta Eggleston


Baby Eggleston


May 7th, 2017 was supposed to be a day of celebration for 22 year old Akia Eggleston. She was eager to reveal the gender of her unborn baby at a special baby shower, and even though her pregnancy was high-risk with her baby in a breech position, she was busy readying herself to welcome friends and family to this joyous event.

But Akia never made it to the baby shower she’d already spent hundreds of dollars to plan. She never made it to her other appointments that week either. When Akia failed to pick her daughter up from a family member’s house, that is when Akia’s loved ones knew something beyond her control had happened to her.

This story will detail everything we know about Akia and her disappearance. Who would want to hurt Akia, a doting mom, beloved friend and family member, and a young lady with dreams for a bright future with a new boyfriend and father of her unborn baby? 

Akia’s family has put all their faith in the investigatory sophistication of the Baltimore Police Department. Will BPD bring Akia and her baby home or bring a criminal to justice?

We’ll keep you updated on all the developments going forward, and we would encourage you to join and share the advocacy page created by supporters of Akia.

Missing: Akia Eggleston on FB



If you have any information about this case, you may be able to collect on up to $25,000 from the FBI.

You can contact the FBI’s Baltimore Field Office at (410) 265-8080,  or

the Baltimore City Police Department at (410) 396-2499.

If you would like to remain anonymous, submit your tip to https://tips.fbi.gov/

Also, please don’t forget that May 9th is the annual Random Acts for Rachel event!

You can keep Rachel Galbreath’s legacy alive by performing a random act of kindness! Rachel was a kind person who put others before herself. We profiled her story in episode 14.

Rachel’s family, friends, and supporters would be thrilled to hear about your random act of kindness in honor of Rachel, so feel free to head on over to their advocacy page and let them know!


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